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My Favorite Curly Hair Products

I’ve struggled for many years with thick curly hair. I remember being a child and my mom spending hours trying to comb through my hair before eventually giving me a relaxer and calling it a day. I would go to my grandmas house as a child and she would take a big metal comb and rip through my curls applying thick blue magic grease weighing down my hair. I’m not saying I’m a expert on curly hair but from personal experience I have learned a lot. One of the things that contribute to my recovery of my very damaged hair is Shea Moisture products as well as some other really good brands and diy items. These are my most used and favorite hair products.

 Coconut and Hibiscus Styling Milk

I love this product it moisturizes and also holds my curls it does not weight my hair down at all. In addition to this product you will want to use a oil or another cream, this alone will not hold in your moisture. I usually use this product with a bit of water to refresh my curls.

 Coconut and Hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie

I use a ton of this right after washing my hair it is extremely good at holding in moisture and its kind of hard to overdue it with this product it absorbs very well in my low porosity hair which is hard to find with a lot of moisturizes that tend to just sit on top of my hair. This product is made for thick curly hair but it can be beneficial to any amount of thickness.

SheaMoisture 12oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil Intensive Strengthening Masque

I don’t use this every time I deep conditioner but after dying my hair or the rare occasion that I use heat products this helps to add back some protein and make my hair strong. I mix this with some olive oil because it doesn’t really make my hair soft.

Fantasia Frizz Buster Serum 

This is a newer product I have started using, I use this daily to refresh curls and add some shine. It does help with frizz but it doesn’t add moisture which is fine with me because in combination with the enhancing smoothie and styling milk this is perfect.

These are my staples when doing my hair if your would like to see my exact routine to moisturize and refresh my curls check out my you tube channel here


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