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Things To Do This Summer (College Edition)


I can not stress this one enough you do not have to be busy all summer long. Take this break  to take time for yourself. Spend hours watching Netflix, eat a whole box of ice cream, stay in your PJ’s all day, whatever helps you relax do it while the summer is in full effect.

 Get Some Use Out Of That Bathing Suit.

Unless you in live in a warm climate most of us can’t go swimming year round. Use this summer to cool off at your local pool or be a kid and play in the sprinkler. Have a water balloon fight with your significant other. You did not buy that expensive swim suit for no reason!

Save Up Some Money

Since your schedule isn’t jam packed with finals and study groups why not get a part time job? Or if you already have a job put in some extra hours so you have a little extra spending money to use during the year. You can also look into some ways you can make money from home. Have you tried blogging or creating a YouTube channel?

Read Books

This might seem silly since the point of summer is to get a break from the reading, but use this summer to read stuff you actually are interested in. Read some great novels that you u sally don’t have time to read because your too busy with your nose in a textbook. A few books I would suggest are; the maze runner, red queen, and the selection. These are all utopia books but I love them so if that’s something you are into these books are great.


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