Why Are We Obsessed With Olivia Pope?

Is it her ability to drink large quantities of wine and eat popcorn? Is it the way she says, “It handled.” before flipping her hair and briskly walking out of the room? I think it is a combination of all these things; I started my scandal binge watching time period about a year or so ago. I was scrolling through Netflix and actually just tuned in to have some background noise. Hours later I was hooked, it wasn’t the story line that got me though, it was the character ;Olivia Pope played by Kerri Washington. So what is it about Olivia Pope that has us all sitting in front of the TV every Thursday night with a big bowl of popcorn and wine?  

Her Style

I don’t know about you but when I think of female lawyer I don’t think prada bag and amazing looking peacoats, my mind usually goes to pantsuit and glasses. Olivia’s style breaks past the stereotype that to be a smart, successful female you have to compete with men and downgrade your look to seem more “professional.” That is just ridiculous Olivia is at the top of her game and she isn’t wearing 90’s pantsuits. Rumor has it there is even a Scandal clothing line so we can bring our Olivia Pope style to life.


 Her Drive

From the very beginning of the series Olivia has had drive and leadership and passion. No matter what she is working on, weather she is trying to save Jake from her fathers hold or get a governor out of a scandal she does it with passion and determination. Olivia does not take no for an answer which to me is very empowering. Seeing a driven successful women TV or not is motivating and I think this serves as a inspiring role model. She knows her worth, and she isn’t going to let anyone tear her down.


She is human

Despite her badass style and kickass attiude Olivia Pope is a human. She cries, she screams, she experiences heartbreak. She does not hide her flaws she knows she has flaws and I think that is what makes Olivia so relateable she is not all business, no one is, she is a person. I think Shonda Rhimes did a good job making sure Olivia was not portrayed as a superhero or indestructible.

These reasons and many more is why I am obsessed with Olivia Pope, let me know what you think. Is Olivia Pope a role model?


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