How To Get Back Into Flow

IMG_35731Lately I’ve been feeling like I am out of flow. Even though school is out for the summer and I have more free time to spend working on things I am passionate about, like this blog for example, I still feel like I can’t get in a routine. School helps me to stay focused and manage my time but since I don’t have classes to go to I feel a bit loss. This Sunday I decided to sit down and really get myself organized and create a routine so I don’t spend my whole summer watching Netflix and immediately regret it in the fall.

 Create a schedule

The first thing I did was create a schedule. I listed out all the things I wanted to work on or accomplish this summer. My list included; Blogging, building my Instagram, spending time with friends, going to work and of course relaxing. The most important thing on my list was going to work since this is something I have to do, so I took out my planner looked at my schedule and wrote down all the days I have to work and what times. Before or after I work I wrote in that I would spend time with friends as well as build my Instagram.  This works out perfectly since the more time I spend with my friends means more opportunities I have to take pictures. Then on the days that I don’t have to work I wrote that I would work on the blog part of the day as well as spend time to relax and watch Netflix.

 Clear your space

After I had my schedule all planned out I turned to the physical things that may be causing me to feel out of flow, which for me that meant cleaning and organizing. I focused mainly on my bedroom since that is where I tend to spend the most time. I organized my outfits and planned out exactly what I was going to wear for the week so I don’t have to worry about it on a day to day basis. I cleared off all surfaces in my bedroom so that it just had a cleaner and clearer feel. I set my laundry basket up so that I hopefully don’t throw my clothes all over the floor. I pulled out my most used makeup and organized them on my vanity so I don’t have to dig through my makeup drawers and mess them up.

 Sweat it out

Doing these two things can really help you get into flow but I took it one step further and decided to workout. Since I’ve been out of school I haven’t had a standard workout the only exercise I’ve been getting is taking my dog out for walks/runs so I decided to put my Nike gear on and go to the gym. It felt great to sweat out all my frustrations and feel like I’m being productive. In a weird way it made me feel like the week is over and tomorrow I start over fresh with my organized and planned out week.


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