My Liquid Lipstick Try On(Swatches)

I’ve been trying to expand my lip collection so over the last week I ordered a few liquid lipsticks and a few lip creams; including a couple Kylie Jenner lip kits. I also added a Bareminerals lip gloss and NYX lip cream and lip lingerie. I tried all these on and decided to write a review on some of the ones I love and I included some things I wish were improved in the formula.


There was a lot of hype around the Nyx lip lingerie so I decided to try it out. The lipstick is very pigmented you can’t tell from the outside of the container but once you apply it the color is amazing. The thing I didn’t like about the lipstick is to me if felt kind of sticky even after fully drying I only put one coat on but it still was sticky. I also noticed it came off a little easier then I would have liked while drinking out of a straw it was instantly covered in lipstick. The matte finish on this lipstick was ok but I felt like there was still a bit of shine to it. IMG_3768

The Kylie Jenner lipstick is something I’ve been wanting to get for a while I managed to get my hands on two colors one is Heir and the second one is  Posie K. I like both colors the color Heir is more for special occasions to me and not so much everyday wear like Posie K. This liquid lipstick will stay on all day long I never had to reapply this even after eating several meals with it. It’s really the definition of Matte once it dries you don’t even feel like its on. The only downside to this lipstick is it is very drying to the lips. My suggestion is to put on a layer of chap stick before applying the lipstick. I also applied a layer of chapstick on top of the lipstick once just to make sure my lips didn’t look like a dessert storm.



The NYX soft matte cream is one of my favorites. There are so many colors offered in this line and it is the most pigmented of the lip products. The Matte finish is similar to the Kylie Jenner lip kit it doesn’t feel like anything is on. It is a lip cream tho so its not going to dry your lips as much or stay on for as long as the liquid lipstick would. Even though you may have to apply this a couple times throughout the day the colors are so bright and vibrant I love it.


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