My Morning Routine For a Successful Day

After much trial and error I think I finally have my morning routine down. I’m not someone who does the same thing everyday so finding something that works for me was a challenge. If you feel the same way I do and need to get into a routine keep reading.


8 o’clock is my set wake up time for the week. I find waking up at the same time everyday helps me to get my body in a good routine. Once I wake up the first thing I do is start making coffee. Usually if I am hungry when I first wake up I will just have a granola bar or something quick. If I didn’t shower the night before I will shower while my coffee starts to brew.


Once I’ve drank most of my coffee I start to get ready to take my dog for a walk. I  walk my dog early in the morning because he is a very high energy dog and in order for him to be calm throughout the day while I am in school or at work he needs to get his morning exercise. It also benefits me because I am able to get my workout in before school starts. I usually try to go for a 15 min walk depending on how hot it is outside.


Once I am done walking my dog I use this time to shower and change into whatever clothes I will be wearing for that day. I like to pick my outfit out the night before to save time. I then do my make up and pick up my room a little bit so that it is nice and clean for when I get home. I love coming home after school or work to a clean space so making this part of my daily routine really helps.


Most days I have to be at school by 10 am so I usually put my dog in his kennel and start to head to class. If I don’t have to be at school that early I will use this time to work on my blog, study, upload my notes to one class, etc.


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