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My Minimalism Update

A couple months ago I made a promise to myself to full heartily give minimalism a shot. Instead of starting with purging my space I started with being mindful. (Read my post on mindfulness to get more info.) There are things I felt like I was really successful at these past few months and things I will continue to try to improve on through my journey of minimalism.

Buying higher quality items

In my last post about minimalism I mentioned that I would try to buy more high quality items. Through these couple months I think I have been pretty successful and I am enjoying my more expensive items a lot more. Instead of buying cheap shampoo and conditioner I’ve been investing in OGX Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. It’s a bit on the pricer side but my hair has been loving it and since my hair has felt better I don’t have to spend so much time on it. The same for make up I love drug store brands but I replaced a few key make up items with name brand such as Naked by urban decay and Kylie jenner lip kits. I am loving both of these brands and will continue to build up my minimal make up collection with only nesscary but high quality make up.

Getting rid of lower quality items

This was a struggle for me because  in the back of my mind I think I need a “back up” of everything, you know just in case something breaks? But what I soon came to realize is that when I am replacing my lower quality items with high quality ones then the likely hood of them breaking is less. Meaning that I don’t need back ups. I was able to give some of my drug store make up to my younger sister which I know she will appreciate a lot more then I would have.


I’ve been talking about mindfulness a lot but I think it really goes hand in hand with minimalism. I can’t say weather or not I have been successful in this area over the past couple months because mindfulness is a on going process, it’s something you must work at often. I think I have improved at living in the moment but it is nothing to master.

So far, I’ve been able to replace my items with the higher quality version and therefor getting rid of back ups and clearing space. I’ve also tried to limit how much I am consuming and I noticed myself getting bored. You really start to notice how much you rely on consumerism when you stop consuming. To fill up my time I was able to finish two amazing books(I haven’t read a book in over 6 months), improve my grades in class, and worked more on my hobby of crochet. Overall I think I just feel more peaceful and I am excited to see what the rest of minimalism has to offer.



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