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How To Minimize Your Makeup Collection

I am a big fan of investing in less high quality items versus many low quality items. By high quality I don’t mean name brand I mean what works and is affortabe for you. I have several drugstore makeup pieces that I love. If you are someone who likes make-up as much as I do I’m sure you have a drawer or two filled with make-up products, some you don’t even like and never even used. So how much make up should you really have on hand? I’ve compiled a list of some high quality make up products that you should have on hand and the rest you can toss or give away.


I suggest two different kind of primer you can have one eye primer and one face primer. Or one specifically for your skin type and one that you just really love. Whatever works for you I personally keep one Bareminerals Eye Primer and one rimmell london stay matte primer.



Foundation is a tricky one obviously you need this in your make up collection but what form it takes is up to what you prefer. I keep just one bottle of True Match foundation that I use on a daily basis. If you tan or get darker during the summer months then it might be a good idea to have a darker shade on hand also.



You really only need one thing of concealer I use Cover girl invisible concealer.



Setting powder is essential to keep your makeup in place all day. If you can find a setting powder that also douples or includes a bronzer then its win/win. I’ve heard amazing things about Laura Mercier setting powder so that might be something to checkout.

Eyeshadow pallets


I suggest having two eye shadow pallets one with neutral colors I love Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics and then another palette with some bright vibrant colors that you can play with. For my everyday make up I use my urban decay naked palette but for days I am feeling festive or doing make up tutorials I will use my other palette.

Eyeliner and mascara


I believe two eye pencils will do just fine I keep a brown and a black eye pencil. If you want you could have a regular eye pencil and then a liquid eye liner. I am guilty of having 3 or 4 bottles of mascara on hand but I really like to switch between what kind of mascara I am using depending on what make up look I am trying to achieve. Mascara is completely up to you I suggest one or two really great tubes.




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