Seven Ways To Transition Into Fall

1.Pack up the summer clothing: Put the swimsuit away and pull out all those fall sweater and bomber jackets that have been waiting for this time of year.

2.Switch out iced and frappicinos and grab something warm: even better save some money and create your own DIY pumpkin spiced latte’s. There are countless tutorials on youtube of how to make this at home.

3.Trade in your bright pink lipstick and stock up on maroon and dark purple: My favorite is Nyx liquid lingerie in the color Embellishment or Honeymoon which is a warm brown.


4.Add some fall colors to your space: Some simple accent pillows and a nice throw can really add to the fall spirit. I picked up a couple great pieces at Marshall’s for cheap and I will be able to use them next year as well.

5.Crochet/go for a walk/read pick up some great leisure activities: The weather is a little too chilly for swimming but not to cold to enjoy going for nature walks and enjoying some leisure actives.

6.Make your bed the coziest place in the world add some soft pillows and a soft blanket.

7.Get in the halloween spirit with some movies or tv shows my personal favorite is scream queens


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