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Why I want to explore organic products

I’ve always liked the idea of using high quality products; but in our society high quality usually means more expensive instead of better ingredients. I’ve been researching some of the benefits of living organically, and I’ve now made the decision to full heartily ease into a organic product lifestyle. So does that mean to me? It is similar to clean eating; it’s about use only products that are natural and close to their source without being manipulated too much.

For example for my makeup remover I always use organic coconut oil. What ingredients are listed? Coconut- that’s it. I have seen the results and this is much better than standard make up removing wipes that list a ton of ingredients that I am unable to pronoun and it is also cheaper. Coconut oil can be used for so many things and a big jar cost about 10 dollars. I’ve used coconut oil to cleanse my face, moisturize my skin, moisturize my hair, etc. A 10 dollar jar can go a long way.

I’ve also switched a lot of make up from various brands to Shea Moisture I am a huge fan of Shea Moisture products for my hair so I tried out their make up line. I can say that Shea Moisture make up line is very high quality and their eye shadows have similar consistencies to some high end brands. If you read the packaging you can pronoun all the ingriedence used in their make up products.

Comment below and let me know what you guys think about using organic products.


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