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Fall Reading List 2016


The first book on my fall reading list is paper princess. I already read the first and second book in this series and I was addicted. If you want to read a book that you can not put down this is the one. The story revolves around a girl whose plucked from her life as a orphan and adopted against her will into a very rich family. It is impossible to capture how good a storyline this is. The third book releases in October so this is  one I will read in the fall.







I recently purchased this book I will read this while waiting for the third installment of Paper Princess. I am not one hundred percent sure on how I feel about this book yet but I know there is a love triangle involved and I am a sucker for love triangles(Screams my inner middle school twilight fan girl).







Wicked-This book looks perfect for fall I heard about this fromKalyn Nicholson on youtube. It’s a dark love story that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am about two chapters into this book and so far I am hooked. There are fairies and other worlds and a cute boy all things I love so I will keep you guys posted on how this goes.










Uninvited-This book seems a bit on the scary side it is a utopia society where people are tested to see if they could be serial killers and the genes will tell them. A girl finds out she has the gene that means someday she will kill someone so she gets kicked out of her private school and she meets a boy who also has the killer gene and it continues from there. I am very excited to read this I heard the second book is even better so maybe this will be a new series for me.







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