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Minimalist wardrobe with great fashion

If you feel like you can not be fashionable because you minimized your wardrobe down to just the necessities, you are not alone. I’ve came up with some tips how to still look great during the fall season with minimal clothes.

Go for nudes

I personally love nude colors they are great for matching outfits, you can limit how many clothes you need to buy because everything matches. Plus nudes are popular during the fall months anyway. If you must wear color I suggest getting some bold colorful accessories that you can add to your outfit. Which brings me to my next point.


Accessories are key

With a nude wardrobe and less clothing it is important that you have accessories to make your outfit look different each time you wear it, even if you wear it often. I personally love scarves during the cold months it just makes everything pop. A great place to get accessories is Pandora they have high quality jewelry for a decent price and they do free cleanings.


Load up on basics

I love fashion but if you have a lot of basic items such as plain tank tops, leggings, t-shirts, etc. then you are able to buy just a few bold pieces like a leather jacket and it will bring your outfit together. I wearing leggings and a tank top almost everyday and I just add accessories and a cute jacket.


Don’t pay attention to trends

Trends are a way to trap you into spending money. You know what looks good on your body and you have a small collection of clothes to help you achieve that perfect look. Don’t buy something that you think will look good for life when in reality it’s only good for a season and then you will never wear it again.


You don’t have to have a capsule wardrobe

Just because your a minimalist doesn’t mean you only have to have 2 jeans and 2 t shirts. I love fashion I feel better when I have a good outfit on and can be more confident. Don’t focus on how many clothing items you have instead focus on the quality of your clothing and weather or not you are actually going to wear the clothing item.



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