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September Favorites

This month I bought a few key products that I loved and wanted to share with you guys. I also found some neat things online. Since it is October I am now in full on Fall mode and I bought some thing in September to gear up for that.  I love sharing things I like here with you guys let me know in the comments some things you enjoyed in September.

Bath and Body Works Salted Caramel


I am a sucker for bath and body works candles. If you have read my previous post Simplify Your Finances then you will know I only allow myself to buy one candle at a time. This month it was Salted Caramel. I absolutely love this scent if you want to get in the mood for fall this candle reminds me of thanksgiving. I also picked up the pumpkin pecan waffle scent I haven’t got a chance to burn it yet but I will keep you guys posted.

Iphone  7

I upgraded to the Iphone 7 this month. I love apple products so it is a given that I would enjoy this new Iphone. I was able to get it in Rose Gold which has grown to be my favorite color. They also have some amazing cases out right now.

Paper princess

I mentioned this book in my Fall Reading List 2016 post but I can not rave enough about this book. I am waiting for the third installment of this series to be released(October 17th). If you enjoy drama and teen romance this book is for you.

Marble contact paper

I discovered this marble contact paper from youtube and I have gone marble crazy. I re did my entire desk with this contact paper I have put this contact paper everywhere it is so easy to use and looks real. If you want marble surfaces but don’t want to pay for it I would suggest you look into marble contact paper.

Sadiya Marie Youtube Channel

I have to give a shout out to Sadie Marie on Youtube she discusses all things from minimalism to vegan living and much more she is so motivational and if you are curious about minimalism, veganism, yoga, or a pimplier life style I suggest you look at her channel.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner



I am a fan of all Shea Moisture products but I decided to switch out my regular curly enhancing smoothie for this leave in conditioner because I felt my hair was getting used to the enhancing smoothie. So far I really like this product it is not as heavy as the curl enhancing smoothie but I like it in that way. I still have a lot to go through before I can make a final decision but I will let y’all know.


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