Things To Do Instead of Shopping

When I transitioned to minimalism I started to realize that going to the store and shopping had became my hobby. Spending money on things I don’t need was my source of entertainment, it wasn’t long before I was very bored. So I’ve created a list to help other people who may be suffering from shopping withdrawal with some idea of things they could do instead to fill their time.




-Spend time with family

-Rent a movie

-Cook something new

-Try all those mason jar crafts on pinterest


-Explore your city

-Go to a community event

-Go to the movies

-Eat at a nice restaurant

-Find out what you are passionate about

-Catch up on work/homework


-Invite friends over

-Spend time with nature

-Get inspiration from youtubers



-Watch a documentary


3 thoughts on “Things To Do Instead of Shopping

  1. It’s nice to fill in the free time, but it is also worth considering the roots of our shopping addiction. What really makes us go and buy stuff we don’t need or even like? Under what circumstances are the products we buy produced? How much of the Earth’s resources are we destroying by buying things mindlessly? And what positive impacts could we see in our lives if we did one of the things that you suggested here? 🙂

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