Why I Choose Happiness Over Work

Happiness is a touchy subject; people pursue things that they believe will make them happy in different ways. Some people think making money and being able to not have to worrying about their finances make them happy and at a time I thought that to.

I started University of August 2014 at that time I had some exciting things going on in my life. I was promoted from the job I had been working at since I was sixteen and the company I worked for paid for me to go to Oklahoma and train to become a manager. It was two weeks after my 18th birthday and I had never been on my own before let alone driving many hours to live in a hotel room for five week and work 50 hours a week. This was a huge step for me and I loved it, I loved being on my own and I loved the shock on my co-workers face’s when they found out I was only eighteen. This was my first time experiencing how success can lead you to feel happy. I was on cloud 9 when I went back to my home base and started working in my new position, making more money then most of my friends. I got back home in July of 2014 and I realized my new position was more difficult then in training but I continued to work at it and adjust when August rolled around and I had to start classes. I can handle a lot I take pride in being able to work hard and achieve things I want in life but I shocked myself when I realized I had taken on way more then I could handle. I worked five days a week, went to class two days and never had a weekend off. I never had a day off come to think of it. I eventually went to part time and after a couple years I was making a lot more money. I loved my job and I liked having not to worry about money but at the end of the day I never spent my money. I worked and I went to college even working less hours I was still exhausted and had a very little social life.

In August of 2016 I decided to leave my job. This was a huge decision for me because I had been with the company for three years and I actually didn’t mind the work I was doing but deep down I knew I wanted something more. I wanted a college experience, I wanted to have a social life, to really excel at my school work, focus on my major, and get some hobbies. When I decided to quit my job I knew I was going to miss the money and my co-workers but I gained so much more. I’ve been able to make friends at school, I’ve learned other ways to make money and I’ve really put my all into my school work.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the traditional ways people tend to pursue their happiness and instead find your own way. Look to see what actually make you happy if you are not happy at your job or are constantly stressed out about something I challenge you to re-think how you are spending your time.


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