Friday Favorite’s (Halloween Movies)

I’ve been brainstorming for some time now on a theme for Friday I want Friday to be a day where I can blog about something other then minimalism and beauty. So I came up with the concept Friday Favorite’s where I will share a list of my favorite things. The category will change every Friday, but for now I want to share with you guys my favorite Halloween movies.

Hocus Pocusopen-uri20150422-12561-m60pgz_95d7bb7e

This is a classic Halloween movie it brings me back to my child hood if you aren’t watching Hocus Pocus in October then what are you doing? It also helps that this movie plays on all the major cable channels around this time of year.



I love thrillers I am not a big fan of movies about ghost and demons I like Micheal Meyers. I prefer the older version because I feel like there is some humor in the older ones.

Halloween Town


Another childhood classic ; Halloween town is great for just getting you in the Halloween mood it obvious is not meant to be scary since it airs on Disney Channel but it’s a great way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Freddy VS Jason


Another thriller; I like Freddy Gouger and Friday the 13th movies on their own but I don’t feel like they are Halloween time material. Freddy VS Jason is a little bit more intense and makes for a good movie night.

Carrie(The remake)


I seen Carrie the remake in theaters and I thought the producers did a awesome job recreating this old time thriller. As a kid the original movie gave me nightmare’s I don’t think the remake is as scary but it is a overall good movie.

The Fourth Kind


If you want something that is really going to scare you this Halloween this movie is it. Just by the title and what the movie is about it doesn’t seem scary but I was really surprised just how scary it was.

These are my favorite Halloween movies as you can see I am not that into super scary movies I just like something to get me excited for Halloween. I plan on handing out candy and watching some of these movies to celebrate my Halloween. Let me know what your favorite Halloween movie is in the comments!




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