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Create Your Perfect Fall Night Routine 

I’m someone who drinks a lot of caffeine throughout the day so having a good night routine to help me wind down really helps me sleep. I wrote down all the things I do before bed so that you can also incorporate this into your night routine.

The first thing I do when I get home from work or I decide I’m done working on the blog is I take all of my make up off. I use coconut oil as my make up remover it’s all natural and I think it works the best. After all my make up is taken off I wrap my hair up and get in the shower. I don’t wash my hair everyday I have very thick curly hair and lately I’ve been using heat on it twice a month so getting it wet everyday is not ideal. Once I am in the shower I make sure to exfoliate some key area of my body such as my elbow and my feet. These areas tend to loss more dead skin as the weather changes.

Once I’m done with the shower I make sure to moisture my face with just a little bit of coconut oil. I will then brush my teeth and get my PJ’s on. Before I get in my bed I like to poor myself a big glass of water. I want to make sure I’m hydrated before I go to bed so that I don’t wake up with that feeling of dyer thirst in the middle of the night.

Also before I crawl into bed I like to pick up my space a little bit so that its not such a hassle to move around in the morning and also it makes me feel more relax knowing my bedroom is cleaner. I usually give myself about 5-6 mins to just clean my room. Once my room is clean this is the time when I would lay out my outfit for the next day. This makes it so much easier to get ready in the morning.

I wrap my hair up and then get into bed. I like to read before I go to sleep if I watch TV before bed I find it harder to not binge watch; so I usually just pull out my kindle to read I am currently reading the book Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout  it is a great YA novel if anyone wants to check it out. Once I am done reading I am usually exhausted by this point and go to sleep. These are the things I like to do to get me into a relaxed mood so I can sleep. What about you guys? What do you have to do before going to bed in order to relax?


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