Planning For Sucess

I love planning it keeps me organized, it keeps me from making unnecessary purchases, and it makes me feel so productive.

Organize Your Finances

One of the main reasons I use my planner is to write down things I want or need to buy before I buy anything I write it down and wait a couple days if I forget about then I obviously really don’t need it. This helps me keep my space clutter-free because I am not consuming so much and it saves me from spending money on things I don’t need.

fullsizerender-6Schedule Your Day

I also create my schedule in my planner; without a schedule I am lost. I am someone who needs to have a solid amount of time set aside to work on the blog, I also work a few hours a week at my University, I also have class and I try to keep a social life. So there is a lot going on and keeping my day to day life on paper really helps me feel more organized. Now I don’t create a super strict schedule that I have to stick too everyday, I create more like windows of time. For example: I might have a good 5 hours of free time I will write blogging in that section. That doesn’t mean I am going to be blogging for 5 hours straight but I would like to get some blog work done within that time frame. Same for my homework.fullsizerender-8

Make Your Planner Pretty

I try to make my planner as aesthetically pleasing as possible because looking at a planner that has items scratched out and looks sloppy is not going to motivate me to have a productive day. I will put quotes in my planner to keep me motivated throughout the week I love inspirational quotes and having one for everyday is great.

Take Time To Plan

I really try to set aside one day a week to plan for me this falls on Monday and I plan as much as possible for the week leaving space to write in things I am not sure about such as  working on group projects, what I want to work on at what time, etc.

All in all planning my day out and having a set of goals I want to achieve each day really motivates me. I think it can make you feel like you have your life on track and your working towards your long term goals. Everyday I check something off my today list I feel like I am one step closer to achieving the things I want in life. I encourage you to try planning out your day to day tasks or if that doesn’t work for you just  create 2-3 goals you want to achieve each day and see how it improves your productivity.


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