Friday Favorite’s (October)

October is by far my favorite month I love the beginning of fall weather, Halloween, the fashion, and everything pumpkin spice. I found a few things I really loved this month and wanted to share with you guys!

Sarah Nourse

My favorite youtuber this month is Sarah Nourse I found her when I was looking for some minimalism stuff on youtube she is a minimalist but her channel cover so much more. She has tips on saving money her and her husband worked hard and were able to save enough money that they can now travel to various places around the world. She is so inspiring and if you are looking towards minimalism and like to travel she is great to watch.

Hootsuite and Latergram

My new favorite apps. I use these to schedule out my tweets and Instagram posts it has made my life so much easier I usually spend my Sunday planning out my post throughout the week and then I use these apps to post on my behalf or to remind me when to post content. These apps are great for people who love social media but forget to post I highly recommend.

Carol’s daughter leave in moisturizer

I picked this up at Walmart and have fallen in love I have heard so much about Carol’s Daughter products and this was a win for me. I followed the instructions and applied it to my hair when it was soaking wet. At first it made my hair feel kind of brittle but once my hair completely dried it feels so moisturized. I will definitely be repurchasing this.


I’ve known about Jidenna since he came out with the song Classic Man but it was just this month that I began to explore other songs of his. Jidenna is a rapper but he has so many different elements of rap that are put into his music, he raps about more then money and girls which is a nice change. Anyways I love his music and I could listen to him all day.



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