Spa Night Routine

When you’ve had a busy week there is nothing better then having a spa night for yourself. I usually set aside my Sunday for a spa night so that I am refreshed and ready for the rest of the week. Set aside a few hours each week that works for you and practice self-care. Here are my essentials for a spa night.

Face Mask

Face mask are essential for a spa night there are so many to choose from just take your pick. A good thing to do before applying your face mask is to steam your face it will open up your pores and really make you feel like your at the spa. Just get some hot water and a towel to create a tent around you and let your face sweat out the toxins.

Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are a great way to relax I suggest adding some Epsom salt to your bath, it helps in getting rid of some toxins in your body as well as relaxing sore muscles. A great brand for this is Dr.Teal they have all kinds of different Epsom salts and bubble bath depending on what your looking for.


Exfoliating is great to do in the bath on spa day it gets rid of all the dry skin and dirt that has been building up over the week it can make your skin feel rejuvenated just make sure to moisturize afterwards.

Deep Condition

Using a deep condition on your hair during your spa night will make it feel so much softer and stronger throughout the week. There are so many great deep conditioners to choose from or you could create a DIY deep conditioner. I also like to spend this time to put a large amount of product in my hair so I don’t have to reapply too much throughout the week I have thick curly hair so this works for me.

Do Something You Enjoy

Whatever you enjoy that is going to make you relax indulge in that I suggest reading a book, watching some you tube videos, browsing the internet, etc. I also usually


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