I Stopped Watching TV and Started Reading Books

I really don’t want to pay for Netflix. I know what you are thinking it is only $10/month but it is difficult for me to spend my money somewhere that I am not seeing a result on. For me spending money can be like a investment. I am investing ten dollars a month into Netflix and what am I getting in return? Nothing.

Ok I do enjoy watching TV and I finished stranger things in the matter of a day but when I really think about it what am I getting out of Netflix besides hours of sitting on my couch? So as an experiment I decided to try something. Instead of watching nextflix for two weeks I would read books for entertainment. I loved reading when I was in middle school and part of high school but since I’ve gotten older the books I read are far and few in between. If after the two weeks I missed Netflix I would keep my subscription if I didn’t then I would get rid of my subscription.

I feel in love with reading

The first couple days without watching Netflix I was bored. I didn’t know what to do with myself I started to read but after a few minutes I got bored of that and just kind of browsed the internet for longer then I will admit. After this two day hump I really started to remember why I loved reading. I fell in love with a book series and completely forgot about Netflix.


Netflix? I haven’t heard that name in years!

I felt so much more productive! Reading a book is so much more beneficial to your brain then mindlessly watching TV and I was so much more invested in the books I was reading then I ever was to any TV show. After I finished my book series I thought I would want to go right back to watching Netflix, but in reality I had no interest in watching Netflix. I realized I was just wasting time. There are so many benefits to reading books(stress reduction, mental stimulation, better writing skills, etc.)and I genuinely enjoyed it!

Week Two

The second week of being Netflix free I found I had so much more time in my day. It actually made me a little sad all the things I could have been getting done instead of watching TV. I hear people complain all the time that there isn’t enough time in a day yet they will spend their weekend binge watching a TV series. I caught up on a weeks worth of blog posts. I was able to plan out more tweets on hootsuite. I even did my laundry! (Yes for me doing laundry is a amazing achievement.)

Goodbye Netflix

In conclusion I decided I was going to unsubscribe from Netflix I was done watching mind numbing TV. This was a month a go and I feel so much more relaxed. Netflix was my way to relax and avoid some responsibilities but I discovered that reading books and being more productive is so much more relaxing then any TV show.


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