How To Deal With Mental Tiredness

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel physically tired, to want to crawl back into bed just after waking up, but not many people talk about mental tiredness.

So what is mental tiredness?

When I feel mentally tired I start to get easily irritated I can become crabby. Its a feeling of ‘I don’t want to think anymore.’ I also don’t want to look at a computer screen that might just be because I do most of my work on the computer but looking at my phone or the computer screen instantly makes me feel stressed. Often times mental tiredness makes me feel like I’m not being productive enough.

Don’t take the easy way out

Mental tiredness is real and the most easy way to deal with it is to put on some Netflix and let your brain relax for a few hours but if your like me and given up TV then it can be harder to find a outlet to give your brain a rest.

One way to give your brain a rest is to read. Just sit in one spot and get completely lost in a book this can be helpful if you just feel a little mentally tired but I found when I am completely exhausted mentally even reading can feel like running a marathon. Turn off all electronics and go outside; walk your dog, do some physical exercise or just spend time talking with people. Sometime I will just go to a friends house and talk to them or go out to eat and talk don’t worry about being productive.

Be Mindful

Being mindful is so helpful in times like these. I find when I am mentally tired focusing on what is going on around me makes me feel better. Worrying about the future or looking at the past is not going to help. You can also try meditation, it helps your brain to rejuvenate itself. Meditation needs practice but even just attempting meditation for a few minutes can help.

Mental tiredness is real and there is so little information on how to deal with it. A lot of time people just zone out and watch TV for a few hours because they don’t know what else to do. Why is it that sometimes people who work at a desk all day come home and sit and watch TV? Because they are mentally tired, they aren’t physically tired but in turn if you don’t know how to deal with mental tiredness it can lead to being physically unhealthy and unmotivated. Do you guys get mentally tired and how do you deal with it?


One thought on “How To Deal With Mental Tiredness

  1. When I feel mentally tired, I listen to soft soothing music and tones, or just sleep. Sometimes all I need is peace and quiet for a few hours, or even all day so that my brain can relax and recharge! A cup of hot tea helps as well!


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