A Well Spent Sunday

Sunday is my get “shit done” day. There is something so beautiful about waking up on a Sunday knowing that all you have to do that day is leisurely prepare for the rest of week. That is assuming you don’t work on Sundays if you do this can be another day of the week. Sunday is a day to get everything ready for the week and keep yourself from getting stressed out. Here is what I do on Sundays to make the rest of my week better.

Do Laundry

Trying to find clothes on Monday morning and realizing everything is dirty is a great way to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I use Sunday to get all of my laundry done, and not just wash and dry I also mean putting away, setting out some outfit ideas for the week and setting up a hamper for dirty clothes I wear during the week.


Oh! cleaning. Something you never have time for Monday-Friday, spend Sunday straightening up and putting systems in place so your room can stay clean a bit longer. It may only last a couple days but at least you will have a clean start to the week. I also can not rave enough about how much more productive I feel in a clean space.

Schedule Everything For The Week

I usually plan my week out on Sunday which means writing down homework assignments and knowing what I need to do on what day. This also means planning out all my weekly blog posts, all my daily tweets, all my Instagram posts, I mean everything! This usually takes up most of my Sunday but trust me if you have all of your stuff planned out on Sunday you have just automated your blog!

Spend Time With Family

Even though I live with some of my family it is crazy how many days you can go without seeing someone that lives in the same house as you! Catching up on family time can make you feel a lot more at peace during the week. If you don’t have family close by catch up with friends.

Do Something Fun

I usually do something fun on Saturday or Friday but sometime I make plans on Sunday. I think it is so important to do something fun during the weekend. For me the week days is just work. You have to make time to enjoy your life; spend time with friends, go out to eat, go to a concert, go to an amusement park anything! Just get out of the house and do something that you will remember and smile about until next week.

Having a productive Sunday can really make the difference between a good and bad week. Set yourself up for success and if you just need time to relax then do that. Sunday is your time to do with it as you please for more ideas on what to do on Sunday check out my blog posts on Spa nights.


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