Minimalism and Productivity

I am addicted to being productive. It feels so good to cross things off your to do list and know you are getting closer to reaching your goals. What I have learned from trying to live a more minimalist life is I have also made major changes in not just what I own but how I function.

Clean Space=More Productivity

Minimalism can help you become more productive for one minimalism has made it easier for me to keep a clean space. It takes me maybe five minutes to do a quick room pick up because I don’t own as much stuff. In return I feel more motivated to work in a clean organized space. It is almost like when I clean my area I have more room for ideas and my creativity.

Less stuff=more free time=more productivity

I also have more free time to devote to my goals for example I used to own so many clothes that I would spend most of my Sunday washing and folding and organizing all my clothes. Since I have donated a lot of my unwanted clothes I now only have about 1 1/2 loads of laundry I have to do on Sunday and I have to do it every Sunday because if not I will have no clothes. This time I have freed up I can instead work on this blog or getting homework done.

Quiet your brain=more productivity

When I started to explore minimalism I also came across so many things to help you live in peace. One of those things I came across was meditation. Now I haven’t fully decided to practice meditation but to just give your brain a rest for a few minutes with no distractions really helps fuel your productivity.


Once you start to dive into minimalism you will really start to notice that material items are not going to bring you happiness in the long term. Experiences and relationships is what is going to bring you happiness and with happiness comes greater productivity. There is a whole book on this called The Happiness Advantage. If you are interested in how happiness and productivity go hand in hand I would give this a read.

I have found through my minimalist journey that minimalism has brought me so many more opportunities to be productive. I can have so many more projects going on at once and still have time to enjoy my life.


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