Short Organic Beauty Guide

Organic beauty brands can be really hard to find. There are a lot of products that claim to be “natural” and “organic” when in reality they are filled with bad chemicals that can  break out you skin. A few key things to look for when buying organic beauty products.

1.Certified Organic sticker– These stickers are a good indicator that these products have organic ingredients in them.

2.Read the ingredients-See if you can pronoun what is on the back of the bottle. If not they might not be very organic.

3.Use Think Dirty-This is a app I use all the time it is great you can just scan the barcode on the product and it tells you how organic it is.

Some great reliable beauty brands I would suggest is:

Alima Pure

This brand has a lot of products for women of color. I personally have not tried anything from them yet but they are organic and I have heard good feedback.

Shea Moisture

I can’t talk about organic beauty products without mentioning Shea Moisture. They are by far my favorite brand in general and they are affordable for college students.

100% Pure

I’ve heard great things about this brand but I am a little hesitant to try 100% pure. If you guys have tried it please let me know.

Tata Harper

There is a lot of controversy about if Tata Harper is actually organic. Do your research and use some of the three tips I mentioned above to decide if this is a good brand for you to try.

I hope this short guide helps you find some reliable organic beauty brands!



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