How Waking Up Early Can Improve Your Life

I’ve always been a morning person, I love feeling like my day is long and getting things done before most people wake up can feel great. So I have listed out some ways waking up earlier has really improved my life.

Spend Time With Yourself

Spend time with yourself and reflect, how much time do we really have throughout the day to just spend time with ourselves and think. Our culture is always on the go always staying busy but it is so so so important to sit in quiet. The morning is the perfect time to do this; before everyone is awake, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and just spend time doing something you enjoy. This can do wonders for keeping you relaxed throughout the day.

Slow Down

Stop rushing! I believe one of the most hectic feelings in the world is waking up with only a few minutes to get out the door. It makes for a horrible morning. If you wake up rushing, chances are you will be rushing all day playing catch up. Instead get up a hour earlier and take your time to get ready.

Feel More Productive

Waking up in the early morning can make you feel so much more productive. For one you have time to do things you might not have time for once the day gets started. Always wanted to be one of those people jogging early in the morning?  Well here’s your chance. Can never find time to work on that business you always wanted to start? Well get started early in the AM. It is amazing what you can accomplish while the rest of the world is sleeping away.

Get Into a Routine

Waking up early means going to bed early which means creating a solid routine so you are asleep on time. I love routines they make me feel like my life is on track and I believe there can be so many benefits to creating them.

Waking up early really gives you time to get ready for the day and accomplish goals that you don’t have time for throughout the week.


4 thoughts on “How Waking Up Early Can Improve Your Life

  1. I have trouble setting up routines for myself. Since October I usually get up at 7 but I still struggle with going to bed early! It’s like one day I go to bed at 10 p.m., and sometimes 1 a.m. I really need to establish a routine, thanks for reminding!


  2. Even as someone who isn’t a morning person at all, I definitely see the benefits of early mornings. You’re totally right about the slowing down part. It’s amazing how much more relaxed my days seem when I wake up even a half hour earlier than usual. It’s like it gives me time to really get a grasp on what I want to accomplish.


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