Fall Book Review


This book is a new favorite for me I will admit it took me a few chapters to really get into it but once Ren in brought into the picture I was hooked. Ren is the main characters love interest he is what Edward is to Twilight what you would imagine the most perfect guy is Ren. The main character Ivy is complex and interesting but the decisions she makes through out the book made me cringe a few times. Ren and Ivy are the perfect couple and add a crazy alternate world story line and this book was perfect for me.

Royally Screwed

I read this book in one day. I am a sucker for the typical damsel in distress story. The book goes back in forth between two points of views one being Prince Nicholas and the other is a young women named Olivia. Olivia has not had a easy life she works all day every day to try and keep her family business afloat. Her mother died a few years ago and her dad has gone down a dark path and her sister is just trying to get through high school. Prince Nicholas on the other hand is well a Prince. He lives in a monetary country where he has to be this “perfect” guy. His grandmother the Queen decides to make him go to America and find his younger brother who has been causing scandals. That is when the two meet. The story line is fantastic Olivia is not your typically helpless heroine she is independent and the last thing she wants is some Prince trying to come and sweep her off her feet.


Tangled is another book my Emma Chase since I loved Royally Screwed so much I thought I would give this a try. I will say I was not hooked on this book like I was Royally Screwed. It has a interesting love story and another very independent and strong willed female character but the whole story was told in the man’s POV which was a nice change but half way into the book it was just kind of annoying. The ending seemed to drag on honestly the book ends about 2/3 of the way through and the other 1/3 of the book is just a long drawled out end. Not my favorite.

Twisted Palace

The third installment of the Paper Princess trilogy if you have read my fall reading list then you know I have been waiting for this book to release. It was good as far as it got the job done. The book really tied everything together and ended on a good note. I did feel like it kind of lacked the love interest that was so present in the first and second book and it wasn’t as addicting. I would recommend this book because the trilogy is incomplete without it but if you are looking for a lot of romance it’s not there.

The Minimalist Woman’s Guide To Having It All

Very motivational and helpful if you are trying to stick with minimalism and need a little push. In this book Meg Wolfe gives some great reasons on why you should transition to minimalism as well as tips and tricks to get you through the journey.

I veered off from my original fall reading list but I think I have read some pretty amazing books in the past month. Let me know if you guys have read any of these and what do you think?


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