Simplifying Your Phone

It is very rare that we put our phone down, it is never far from us and having a cellphone has became a huge part of our culture. Simplifying your cellphone can be challenge since there are so many new apps and social media notifications. Our cellphone is the way to stay in touch with everyone.

What I have noticed is that my phone can be a huge time waster. I get on my phone to check my email and then I realized I’ve been on twitter for 20 minutes. So what I have done is took back control of my time and simplified my phone.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Apps

I first got rid of all my unnecessary apps. I really looked at the app and thought about how often I used it. I never play games on my phone yet I had three or four game apps. I tried to free up as much space as I possible could.

Delete Photos

Next I deleted all my photos. I backed them up to my computer first but I realized my photos had taken up a 11GB on my phone.

Organize Your Phone

I also organized my apps and put them into folders so they would be easy to find. I have four folders on my phone. Social, which is where I keep all of my social media apps. Finance I keep my budgeting app and my bank app in there. Editing, this is where I keep all my photo editing apps for Instagram, and “Extra”, these are all the apps I don’t use but unfortunately I can’t delete. After I did all this I was down to only one and a half screens of apps.

Turn Off Notifications

To really take back my time I made sure to turn off all of my notifications. I always got so distracted when I was in class or studying and something would happen on social media. It is so hard not to check and see what it is. With turning off my notification I am able to have control of when I decide to check in on social media.

My phone is such a huge part of building up this blog and being able to work and connect with people on the go. Simplifying your phone makes it easier for you to use your time wisely and not get lost in cyber world.


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