Minimalist Gift Guide

Giving gifts to a minimalist seems to always be a hot topic especially around the holidays. Some people say don’t give minimalist anything and some people say give them a book or tools to organize. I think just like anyone else a minimalist would love a gift for the holidays but not the traditional ideas we think of when we think of Christmas gifts.

Purchase an Experience

This is by far the best thing you can get a minimalist. Don’t buy them anything that is going to clutter their home they took so long to de-clutter instead get them some concert tickets, a free pedicure, a trip to the spa, a hotel room for the night, a gym membership, etc. These are gifts that a minimalist will remember and I think are the most appreciated.

Give Them A Free Gift

This might seem kind of like the cheapskate way out of buying a gift but some of the best gifts are free. For example if they have kids maybe offer to watch their kids for a night while they go have fun. Offer to dog sit for a weekend. Offer to help them with whatever big project they might be working on. I personally love the DIY “coupons” that people give for valentines day that say ‘good for one free back massage.’ I think those are so meaningful and heartfelt and much better then a material item that is going to take up room.

Last Resort: Gift Cards

Gift cards are a staple for any gift guide but especially for a minimalist. Kindle e books can be bought on Amazon at a very low price so this might be a good idea for someone who is a book worm. I feel it is always a good idea to let someone get their own gift instead of getting them something they might not like or even want.

If you must go with material items please make sure it is something that they really want and will benefit them. For a minimalist I think the best thing you can do is just ask them what they would really want from you this holiday season. I hope this help with picking out some good Christmas gifts this year!


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