Staying Healthy During The Holidays

I don’t usually write about fitness and health on this blog but I noticed that I often struggle with staying motivated and healthy during the holiday season and wanted to offer my advice to those that feel the same. During the winter months there is less sunshine showing and that can have a affect on your motivation. There is also the typical holiday goodies everyone seems to be passing around.

To avoid gaining winter weight and keeping myself feeling healthy I always try to get outside. I know that this is a struggle when it is snowy and cold outside I understand, but being inside for too long really takes a toll on your mood.

Get Outside(Walk The Dog)

You need a certain amount of sunlight each day for your mental health. Even if it is icy and gross outside just put on all your gear and go for a walk. Don’t do anything crazy just walk to the top of your street and back. Five minutes outside can help a lot.

Inside Work Outs

Work out inside, there are so many you tube videos and printouts of workouts you can do in your home there are really no excuses. I don’t suggest working out in the dark corner of your creepy basement on that treadmill from 2005 because that really isn’t going to do much to life your mood. Instead workout in a well lit room and invest in a yoga mat. I personally love the Pop Pilates videos.


I am not going to tell you to avoid all the holiday goodies because that is part of the winter months. If anything can liven up the cold dark winter evenings it’s holiday baking. My tip is to create balance. If you know that in December you will be eating more sugar and sweets please don’t go out to McDonald’s. Try to eat healthier meals and drink more water that way your not adding sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar.

The holidays is a hard time to escape unhealthy habits but by getting outside, working out regularly and eating healthier meals you can keep your motivation going and feel better during these months.


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