Winter Protective Hairstyles

During the winter dry air really starts to effect the moisture in my hair. There are a few things I do to keep my hair moisturized during the winter including sleeping with a humidifier, hot oil treatments, washing my hair less often and protective styles. Protective styles are great for protecting your hair against the winter elements and can promote hair growth by retaining length.


My favorite protective style is two strand twists. They are exactly like they sound I part my hair into sections depending on how big I want my twists to be and split the hair into two and twist it. This style can worn as is or you can twist your hair at night and take it down in the morning for a wavy look.

French braids

When in doubt french braid. I make sure to moisturize my hair really well so that my french braids can look sleek and smooth before starting to braid. I usually do two french braids since my hair is thick it can be difficult to try and fit it all into one braid. If you don’t know how to french braid there are so many online tutorials that can help you.


This is what I go for if I am in a rush. There are so many different styles of buns that you can try the goals is just to make sure that the ends of your hair are tucked away to protect them from the cold weather. I do have to say buns are my least favorite protective style because my hair gets very tangled and putting it in a bun makes it that much worst but it is a very quick way to protect your hair.


Hats with silk lining inside are great you can find some good ones online that are also stylish. I usually keep just my side bangs out and tuck the rest of my hair away in the beanie. You can also braid or twist your hair before putting the hat on to add some extra protection.

These are my four main protective style during the cold winter months. This works especially well for curly hair.


2 thoughts on “Winter Protective Hairstyles

  1. Great post I need to try more protective styles and I have found my hair is so dry this winter, finding it hard to keep that moisture in.


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