Staying Stress-Free During Finals

The most stressful time for college students. Finals week is a recipe for stress whose idea was it to schedule all projects and exams in the same week anyways? I’m a junior in college so I think I have learned a few things to avoid during finals week.

Don’t- Over Do It On Caffeine

Caffeine can be helpful when your losing motivation and you need to get things done but if you are already stressed out coffee, soda and energy drinks can make stress that much worst. Try to avoid going over board with the caffeine. I suggest creating a cut off time for caffeine. Mine is five o’clock that way the caffeine has time to work its way through my body and I am able to sleep well.

Do- Excercise

Although it may seem like you have no time to workout during finals week. Exercise can help you concentrate and thing clearer while also reliving some stress. You don’t have to do anything crazy but as long as your working up a sweat this will help you during finals week.

Don’t-Wait Until The Last Minute

If your professor is nice enough to give you study guides and assignments ahead of time take advantage of that. Getting everything you can out of the way before finals week. That way you can relax a little bit more and won’t feel rushed.

Do-Work Hard

This is the week to prove you actually learned something from the semester. This is not the time to slack and start day dreaming about winter break. Work hard this last week so you can end the semester knowing you tried your hardest.




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