Tips To Get Into The Holiday Spirit!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least that is what I hear. December is the time of year to celebrate family and get cozy for the coming winter weather, but getting in the Holiday spirit can be difficult. Especially if you’re a college student like me who just got finished with finals. Here are some tips I came up with to get in the spirit!

1.Hot Chocolate

Or any hot drink will work actually. Drinking a warm drink on a December night always reminds of being a kid coming in from playing in the snow. There are so many recipes online of ways to make your hot chocolate more interesting. There is even white hot chocolate that you can try.

2.Create something!

This time of year is when I dig out my crochet needles and yarn and get to work. Crocheting is so relaxing and especially on days when it is to cold to do anything. If you don’t know how to crochet or that just doesn’t sound amusing to you Pinterest has so many other holiday crafts you can try.


This might be the most important tip to get in the Holiday spirit. I am not encouraging you to go out to the store and buy a bunch of decoration to put up for a month and then pack away in your basement until next year. Instead use the second tip and see if you can create some holiday decorations. Who cares if your handmade paper snowflakes look childish, it reminds you of the holiday’s doesn’t it?

4.Start baking

This time of year is known for cakes and cookies so why not try out some recipes. Just the smell of fresh bake sugar cookies reminds me of the holiday season. It can be fun to invite friends over to help you cook as well.

Getting in the holiday spirit can be a challenge sometimes but use these four tips and also look online and find some inspirational images. Just keep in mind the holidays are about a lot more then material items. I hope this helps!




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