Winter Activities

If you are anything like me I sometimes struggle to find things to do during the winter time. It is easy to just sit inside and hibernate all winter but being productive and enjoying the cold weather is so much more satisfying. I came up with a small list of some winter activities you can try out.

-Enjoy the snow

This can include anything such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, whatever way you enjoy the snow.

-Find a new craft/hobby

-Start a book series

-Start a new project

If you are passionate about a certain area see if there is a way you can make money from it and start that project. For example I am passionate about writing so over winter break my goal was to finish writing a book.

-Make a inspiration board

During the winter months it can be easy to lose motivation from being stuck inside. Creating a inspiration board is a great way to keep yourself inspired during the cold months.


-Cook a new dish

-Set some goals(Check out my goal setting post for some ideas.)

-Spend time with family

-Relax and have a spa night.



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