Why The Holidays are Difficult for being a Minimalist

Since starting my minimalist journey and taking advertising classes I’ve been hyper aware of when companies and people try to sell products to me. It has actually became annoying since for most people marketing happens subconsciously( which it still does to extend for me) but being aware of all the marketing strategies gets annoying. I’ve noticed during the month of December just how much the marketing and advertisements have increased. My inbox has been full with coupons and sales from various places. My mailbox is stuffed with direct mail and I can not escape all the radio commercials. I can see how it can be hard to keep a minimalist approach to living during the holidays. At a time when consumerism is at a all day high staying in a minimalist mindset can be difficult. A few things to keep in mind when you are exposed to all these means of marketing is to remember.

These companies are not benefiting you they are benefiting themselves.

I don’t care how many times you hear, “_____will make your life easier.” The truth is living debt free and having a clutter free home will make your life easier.  These companies are looking out for themselves financially. They know that the holiday season is the time where people will purchase more and they are looking to meet sales goals. Don’t fall for it!

Buy Gifts That People Will Want

This is my favorite radio commercial, “Your mom will love this!” This line is usually attached with some kind jewelry company. You know your mom more then anyone, she gave birth to you. What this company is doing is stereotyping your mom and making you believe that yea moms do like jewelry. But does YOUR mom like jewelry? My mom hates jewelry, don’t be influenced by companies telling you what “a special person in your life.” will want for Christmas. If they are that special to you, you should already know what to buy them!

Stay strong during this holiday season when gift shopping remember who you are shopping for and don’t be influenced by these marketers trying to meet their sale goals.


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