Productive Ways To Spend Winter Break

With winter break closely approaching I’ve been trying to brainstorm what I am going to do with this new found freedom. I have some goals in mind, but I wanted to created a list of a few productive ways you can spend your winter break so you don’t look back and realize you spend a whole month catching up on TV series.

Plan Ahead

Have a clear idea of what you would like to get accomplished during the time you are away from school. Maybe you want to apply for some scholarships, or catch up on some reading whatever it is make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to do before the break starts. It also might be helpful to plan out your days, now that you have a free schedule start to schedule when you will work on accomplishing these goals. Read my post Planning For Success for some tips.

Look For Opportunities

Although summer seems like so far away this is the time when companies begin their search for summer internships. Use this break to get your portfolio and resume together so you are ready when a opportunity comes up.

Change Up Your Space

Moving furniture and changing your decor can really help spark some creativity and give you some motivation especially in time for New Years. Use the time off to change your atmosphere for the better.

Connect With Old Friends

It can be easy to loss contact with friends during the hustle and bustle of classes and homework. Make time this break to plan days to spend with friends who you have neglected over the semester. If you are going home for break this is a good time to reach out to some old high school buddies.


Finally, you have made it through the craziness of finals week and you have earned some time to relax. Enjoy some hot chocolate and pop in a Christmas movie so you can be fully rested and prepared for the coming semester.

There are so many things you can do during the winter break just be sure to enjoy your time off and come back next semester feeling renewed and ready to take on the world! Best of Luck to you during this time of freedom!


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