How Does Minimalism and Beauty Relate?

When people think of the online beauty community and minimalism they seem to have nothing in common and I agree. I am someone who loves the beauty community I will watch make up tutorials the way people watch movies but what I notice about the beauty community is every time I watch tutorials or read reviews I instantly want to buy all these great products. I always liked the idea of minimalism, I hate clutter and I hate spending money on things I am not going to use; so I thought this blog is a perfect place to combine the beauty community and minimalism.

It is possible to be a minimalist and a beauty enthusiasts. Do not be fooled, just because you do not own drawers and drawers of highlighter and bronzer’s does not mean you are any less informed about make-up and the ability to apply it. Beauty Guru’s with a large following often get send a lot of products for free and it is literally their job to educate people about make up brands.

I hope with this blog to bring light to minimalism and the beauty community and show they can co-exist. Just because you are a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t have a love for all things makeup and just because you love makeup doesn’t mean you have to own every single highlighter in the universe!

I will review beauty products on here because I encourage you guys to do your homework before you make a purchase, I don’t buy new beauty products unless I run out of something else or I decide to pass my make up down to my younger siblings. So you will hear me mention the same products several times and I will give you guys a honest opinion of each product.

I hope this blog will help you to understand what my blog is really about and why I choose to blog about Minimalism and Beauty together as one.



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