Freedom and Minimalism

Freedom-The absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc.

Ever since I was young I have always had a desire to be able to do anything I wanted at anytime I felt like it. In the normal world this freedom is not always possible you have to be at work on time and you have to be there for a set amount of hours. You have to be in class for this amount of time. You have to wait at the DMV for way too long just to renew your license. In the real world most people can’t always do what they want because of responsibilities and all that annoying adult stuff. But what I have noticed in Minimalism is the ability to get a little bit more freedom in life.

When you stop consuming so many items it Free’s up your money. You may realize that you really don’t need to work overtime or that you don’t even need that fancy job, you can take a job that pays less but you will enjoy more. Or maybe you use the extra money you saved to travel around the world or maybe just around the country. Minimalism gives you a little bit more freedom with your time.

I personally was able to leave my stressful job and work much less hours at my college campus. In having that amount of free time I’ve been able to start this blog. I also found a bunch of side hustles that give me the freedom to work whenever I want to. That is a huge step in getting this freedom I have always wanted. To me freedom to not have a boss tell me when I have to go into work is very liberating. I have also discovered freedom in my personal space. I no longer spend hours on Sunday washing and folding clothes because I literally only own enough clothes for two loads, maybe. Being a minimalist means not having to spend so much time taking care of the stuff you own. Minimalism has given me so much more freedom, in the time that I used to spend working eight hours a day and going to school full time has now been freed up so I can focus what is important in my life such as improving my grades, spending time with friends and family, and figuring out how to make money in other ways.

I encourage you to explore minimalism and see how it can improve how much freedom you experience in your life.


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