A Minimalist and Advertising Student

Minimalist often see advertising as the root of evil but what if these things are not completely polar opposites? I am majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communication and as I’ve continuously explored minimalism, I started to feel a sort of guilt for majoring in a field that literally encourages and pushes people to buy things they probably don’t need. But then I started to look at it from the perception of someone who knows all the tricks and techniques of advertising. If I am a dedicated successful minimalist a advertising and marketing plan would have to be pretty amazing for me to buy a product and I think as a advertiser if I am able to get a minimalist to buy the product I am advertising then I am doing a pretty good job. I also look at it for myself, I am able to see how advertiser use tactics to pretty much brain wash consumers and with my money I am voting for who did the better job.

It is a matter of being ethnically responsible when I go into my career of marketing. Giving people logical reasons to buy a product instead of just saying it, “better” or “stronger” or whatever other vague terms advertisers use. I think being ethically responsible means not making people feel, bad about themselves to get them to buy things but instead empowering people to be able too consciously make a decision about their purchase. As a advertiser if the product you are promoting is that great you shouldn’t need to bully or brainwash people into buying it.

Advertising might be seen as the root of evil for minimalism but to me it creates a challenge to look through the eyes of a minimalist and see how successful the marketing efforts are. I no longer feel guilty about majoring in Advertising and being a minimalist because to me part of minimalism is about finding things that make you happy. Learning about Marketing makes me happy and being a minimalist has encouraged me to be ethically responsible when Advertising because I think when making a purchase consumers should be aware of exactly what they are buying and not just buying to buy.


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