Minimalist Winter Fashion

It’s always good to stay inspired by fashion no matter what the season. I think having a good outfit can help you feel more confident and motivate you to get out of the house during the cold month. I’ve listed a few key items to invest in during the winter months to keep your winter fashion inspiring. My wardrobe doesn’t change much from season to season because I try not to have a lot of basics and invest in a few key pieces.


I love sweaters during the winter and fall month especially in nude colors. I have 4 or 5 winter sweaters that I wear consistently, I usually pair them with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and boots. Or depending on where I am going I will spice it up with a good amount of accessories.

Warm Jeans

Leggings are great for the fall but once the temperature really starts to drop it might be a good idea to make sure you have some nice warm jeans on hand. I’ve heard good things about jeans from Top Shop .I buy a lot of my jeans from Fashion Nova. I like them because they are stretchy and they have two day shipping and they have good deals as well.


I think a really good pair of boots is a essential for winter weather. My boots are currently being shipped but I only keep one pair of boots because if I have more then that it starts to feel like clutter. Once again neutral colored boots are ideal so that you don’t have to buy more clothes to match.

Scarfs, Gloves and Hats Oh My!

I crochet my own scarfs and hats but of course buying good quality winter necessities is ideal. I also make sure my hat, scarf and gloves match because mix matched pieces drive me crazy for some reason. This year I went with Maroon to bring some color to all my outfits since I usually stick with grey and blacks.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy changing up your outfits for the season. Just make sure to invest in key items and don’t over buy.


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