New Year New Goals

New years is the time for change and goals setting. I re frame from saying resolutions because I feel like resolutions don’t have time lines or a plan in place. A few things you can do to feel like your having a fresh start include…….

Rearrange your furniture

Pick up your space, organize, and my favorite; get rid of stuff! Changing up your atmosphere is awesome for sparking creativity and feeling like you are starting over.

Change Your Hair

They say when a women dyes her hair she going through something. I think changing your hairstyle can be good for feeling renewed and like a brand new person.

Replace Your Planner

Throw out that old planner and start over new. Check out my post on Planning For Sucess for some great tips.

Once you know what your goals are for the new year make a plan to stick with them. My tip for this is to only focus on one goal at a time. This tip has completely changed how I complete goals. People often try to set several goals and complete them at the same time. That just doesn’t make sense to me because completing a goal takes concentration and time and most of the time you are trying to change a bad habit. What I do is pick one goal to focus on for a month or so. I don’t worry about anything else I want to accomplish I just look at this one goal. Once I feel like I have either accomplished it or I have created good enough habits to continue making a dent in my goal then I will move on to another one. I have found this helps me accomplish goals much faster.

I just wanted to give some motivation for change in the new year. I hope you all have a great new years and create some great goals!



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