Decluttering Before Christmas

Despite telling my friends and family I am a minimalist and would rather receive experiences then presents. I am also aware they will completely ignore me. My mom already has presents wrapped under the tree for me and my friends have already given me gifts. So I decided before it is officially Christmas I need to do some extra decluttering. Although I try to declutter a little bit each day it has been some time since I’ve really gone through all the stuff I own.

My first step in decluttering was to go through my wardrobe. I completely emptied my dressers and closet and laid everything out in front of me.


Overall I found that I actually needed a few more clothing items to get me through the rest of the cold winter months. I ended up not getting rid of any pieces of my wardrobe besides a couple pairs of jeans that had holes in them.

The next thing I decluttered was my make-up, hair and junk drawers. I have a set of three drawers in my room the top one holding my hair products. The middle on holding my make-up and nail products and the third one being a junk drawer. I once again laid everything out on my bed and decided what to keep and what to get rid of. I knew I would receive some new organic make-up for Christmas so I put some non-organic make-up in a pile to be given away after Christmas. I was able to get rid of a couple leave in conditioner hair products I had experimented with that I found to not work on my hair.


My junk drawer was the hardest to tackle because it just consisted of…well…junk. There were some cords that I needed but had no where to put them so I organized them to make them easy to find. I threw away a lot of stuff from this drawer I didn’t realize how fast I had accumulated so much junk.


It is definetly still a junk drawer but a little less junk and better organized.

I proceeded to go through various area’s of my room decluttering and making room for some presents I had already had. It felt so good to clean up my space some more and not feel like i’m adding clutter to my room this Christmas. I think it is a great idea to give your area a good look over and see if there are any items you might not need before you recieve presents this holiday season.


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