Make Minimalism Your New Years Resolution

I think there are so many benefits to incorporating minimalism into your life and if you have never heard of minimalism or have tried it and failed then it may be a good idea to make minimalism a part of your new years resolutions.

Minimalism is about living with less, less stuff, less stress, less distractions. Minimalism can help you achieve some of your other New Years resolutions. For example if you want to save money in the new year it may be good to resist consumerism. Stop buying things you don’t need is the main way to save money! Selling stuff that you realize you don’t need can put some money back into your pocket and it can free up so much space in your living area. Maybe you want to be more Eco-friendly in 2017. By downsizing your wardrobe and other area’s of your life you can limit the resources you’re using.

There are so many great things you can achieve while practicing minimalism. This is a great new years resolution because it can really help you feel like you are starting over. The Kon Mari tidying up book is great for being a decluttering guide. Once your space is free of unnecessary items your creativity can start to spark. Is your new years resolution to finish writing a book? Well maybe changing up your space can help spark that creativity. Being in a clean clutter free space can really help you reach your goals. Just make sure not to continue the habit of buying things just to buy or continue the hobby of shopping. Find new hobbies to take the place of shopping and continue to stay inspired by other minimalist and the benefits they have seen from their minimalist journey.

I have so many posts you can read about my journey to minimalism and also tips to stay motivated. I hope you guys have a great new years and if you decide to make minimalism a resolution for you don’t be afraid to reach out to me and ask questions!


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