Rough Day? How To Recover


Everyone has came across a bad day. One of those days where nothing seems to go right despite all your planning. The good thing is that your bad day will come to a end. When things start to go wrong it can be easy to get stuck in a bad mood and everything starts to feel like the end of the world. Stay positive when things aren’t working out and remember to be mindful. One bad day does not last forever and there are a few things you can do to help you move on from a bad day and get your mind back on track.

Have a Few Minutes of Quiet

Try to find a few minutes of just peace and quiet to calm yourself down and think some positive thoughts. Even if this means hiding in the office bathroom for ten minutes. For me, having a few minutes to browse Pinterest and find some motivational quotes helps me to feel better about the day.

Practice Mindfulness

Focus on what you are doing right now. Don’t think about how you woke up late this morning or how you forgot to put sugar in your coffee. Whatever is causing your bad day is either in the past or in the future. Instead focus on now, don’t allow yourself to start counting all the things that have gone wrong instead think about what has gone right.

Get Outside

I understand this is not always possible but if it is try to get some fresh air. Being with nature can do wonders for lifting your mood and looking at life from a bigger picture.

Focus on Other People

Sometimes when you have a rough morning it can ruin your whole day because you can get so flustered and you start living inside your head a little bit too much. Instead try to think from another person’s perceptive, try to help someone out at work or play with your pets for a little bit. Doing something that shifts your mindset from yourself to others can help you not hold onto the bad things that happened that day.

At the end of the day get yourself a hot drink, put on some fuzzy socks and just celebrate that you made it. Have faith that tomorrow will be better. What do you do to pull yourself out of a bad day? Let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Rough Day? How To Recover

  1. This is some really good advice! I struggle a lot with keeping positive when I fall into a slump, but at the moment I’m trying to focus on slowing down and looking after myself. Happy New Year! Giselle x


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