Shea Moisture Organic Makeup Review

As most of you know I am working on transitioning to only using organic makeup and beauty products. Over the holidays I got three Shea Moisture beauty products all of which are organic and I wanted to review them for you guys.


The first thing I got was CC creme in the color Fair I don’t use foundation anymore instead I have been using BB creme I’m still a little confused on the difference between BB creme and CC creme. Anyways, I always find it hard to pick out my exact shade in foundation but with BB/ CC creme it’s a bit easier because it really blends to fit my skin color. The CC creme from Shea Moisture fit my skin color perfectly, at first I thought it was going to be too dark, but once I started blending it in it was perfect. What I did notice between the BB creme I was using and Shea Moisture CC creme is that the CC creme is a lot thicker. My BB creme was very liquid and felt like water the CC creme was more like a paste. I though it was going to be harder to blend it in but I first put the creme on a big brush and patted it into my skin and I didn’t see any issues with it. At first it felt a little heavy but once I let it sit and sink into my skin it felt light weight.


The second product I got was some concealer in the color Almond. The concealer is great for anyone with a yellow undertone. It really makes everything look so natural but also brightened up my under eyes.


The last thing I received was just some powder in the color Hazel. This color is lighter then what I have been using and I was a bit worried but what I found out was the powder I had been using was too dark for my skin. This powder really matches my skin. This powder I admit is a little harder to blend then the one I used to use. Its a bit more compact I think it might be because of the Shea butter in it so be prepared to do some serious blending work when using this powder.

Now once I was done using these products and my face was set I felt like my make up was a bit powdery looking. I always use a moisturizing primer and setting spray so I was a little disappointed but after about 10 minutes you could barely even tell I was wearing make up, it just looked very natural and flawless. Overall I love my new make-up if you decide to explore Shea Moisture make-up products just remember to give the make-up time to sit and absorb into your skin before you judge it too harshly and be aware blending the powder is a bit more difficult. I hope this helps you guys when making a switch to organic products!


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