Things I No Longer Buy

Since becoming a minimalist and trying to reduce the clutter in my space there are something I realized I can go without. Now nothing crazy. I’m not talking about only owning one pair of pants, but I found a lot of things I used to buy that I simply no longer feel the need for. So here are some things I don’t buy….

Make-up wipes. You will hear me mention coconut oil a lot throughout my blog. I use it for everything! Coconut oil is the best makeup remover I have ever used. I just rub some in my palm rub it on my face and use a towel to wipe off all the make-up.

Shaving cream. Once again coconut oil.

Perfume. I sometimes feel like I am the only women in the world who doesn’t own a bottle of perfume. I used to own tons of perfume but once I ran out I didn’t buy anymore. Instead I use essential oils. After I get out of the shower I will just dab some essential oils on my wrists and neck and I am good to go. I found that using essential oil even last longer than perfume. There are also some tutorial on how you can turn your essential oils into a perfume by adding some water and other ingredients and putting it in a perfume bottle.

Candles. I used to buy bath and body works candles like crazy, but for Christmas I received a oil diffuser which can smell better then any candle and I can customize what kind of scent I want.

Soaps. Actually I do buy soap but only one kind. If you have not heard of Dr.Bronner’s soap you are missing out. It can be used for literally everything. I use it for my body, I use it as dog shampoo, I use it as laundry detergent, dish washing soap, almost every kind of soap in my house has been replaced with this one Dr.Bronners soap. You can get a few different scents and its very strong so you have to dilute it which makes it last even longer.

These are just some of the things that I no longer buy and not only does it save me money but it also makes shopping so much easier. Being a minimalist has really simplified my life in the things that I purchase and I hope this helps you in finding multi-purpose items.


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