My skin care routine


My skin care routine has changed a bit since the winter months. I have combination skin and in the winter it is very easy for my skin to get dried out. I try to keep my skin routine as simple as possible because I find that the less chemicals I put on my face the better results I get.

Usually when I first wake up in the morning all I do is rinse my face really well with water. I don’t usually use a soap because I find it dries out my skin too much. If after rinsing my face feels dry I will apply my Shea Moisture primer. If I don’t plan to wear makeup for the day then I will apply just a little bit of coconut oil to my face.

At night time I will usually take all my makeup off with coconut oil and wash my face with Shea Butter soap from Shea Moisture. Depending on how my face feels I usually won’t apply a moisturize since I am inside for the night and my face usually doesn’t get so dry. I also sleep with a humidifier on in my bedroom to keep my skin moisturized.

Once or twice a week I will apply a face mask. I prefer Shea Moisturizes face mask, I also sometime experiment with my face masks and will buy a $1-$2 mask from Target. I also exfoliate my skin a lot more during the winter months I have a set of exfoliate gloves which work amazing!

That is pretty much it for my winter skin care routine like I said I try to keep the amount of products I use to a minimum. If you have dry skin coconut oil and sleeping with a humidifier help me a ton! Thanks for reading !


4 thoughts on “My skin care routine

  1. I found out I don t need to do some things or to much to my skin I like clean and clear moisturizer Sometimes I use Murad.


  2. This was a really awesome post! I really like the idea of putting coconut oil on your face when your skin is feeling a little dry. Have you tried using rose water? My grandmother introduced it to me and it’s like a skincare miracle in a bottle!


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