All things about college and money.

I’m currently a junior in college, i’ve gone to both community college and university. There were times at community college where I was working full time and going to school full time. I was very over whelmed and I came to the conclusion that for me it is better to not have such a serious job with many hours and instead focus on my studies. The result is that I feel less stressed but a lot of people in college struggle with money. I’ve found a few ways to make extra money while in school and ways to save money.

Side Hustles-I’ve complied a list of side hustles that I have either heard of or have taken part in myself that can help you to make some extra money.

Postmate or Uber

If you have Postmate or Uber in your area take advantage of it. Postmate is a app that allows you to order food from basically anywhere you want and have it delivered to you. If you have a car or even a bike then you can work for this company. I will be honest this is some of the easiest money I have made. I did it for  hour and a half and made $40. You can work whenever you want to and I sometimes take a friend with me to make it go extra fast. I’ve never worked for Uber but I heard it is a similar system,  except you are picking people up and taking them to a location. If you do decide to sign up for Postmate feel free to use my referral code: and  after so many orders with my code you will get a $50 bonus.

Work on campus

I currently work on my campus in one of the offices. If you are able to find a job on campus I would encourage you to take advantage. Usually there is flexibility with scheduling since they understand you have class. Most of the jobs are not rocket science in my current position my primary responsibility is answering the phone and scanning paper work. At my university the pay varies depending on what department you work for so you may have to do some searching to find something worth your wild.

Make money online

I feel like I am obligated to mention creating a blog. Creating a blog can help you make some extra money but if you are looking for fast cash this is not the way to go! It takes time to really create a following for your blog and if you are doing it primarily for money. It probably isn’t going to work out.

Social Spark

This is something new to me I recently discovered if you have a large following on social media channels you can join this website and companies will send you opportunities to make money by sharing sponsored tweets or posts. Like I said I don’t have much experience with this but I think it is worth looking into.

Saving Money- Saving money in college can be a struggle especially during the school year. I don’t  put any money in my savings accounts during the year, I work a lot during the summer and save money then, but throughout the semester I do try to cut down on what I am buying.

Cut Down Your Bills

This is not easy, when I realized I was leaving my job to focus on my academics, I tried to cut back on everything. I canceled my Spotify subscription, got rid of my gym memberships, etc. That is the easy part, the difficult part becomes downgrading the things that are costing you too much money. For example I own a iphone 7 and my phone bills is over $100. When I really thought about it I realized just how ridiculous this was. So I currently have a iphone 5s in the mail and I will switch over to a non contract phone. This will save me about $53 dollars a month. There is such a negative mindset about no contract plans but you can usually customize your plan as much as you want. Don’t feel like you are missing out on something because you don’t have unlimited everything. With my new phone plan I have unlimited talk and text and then I added on the data I will use. I have the same plan for less money.

Don’t go out to eat!

This was a big hurtle for me, but going out to eat all the time will eat up your money! When I sat down and really calculated how much I was spending going out to eat I was shocked. If you live on campus take advantage of events going on where free food is offered. If you live at home take advantage of all the free food in your kitchen. I know going out to eat can be a social experience so if I do go out with my friends I usually just get appetizers.Or me and my friend will go out to Applebee’s and get half priced appetizers and just hang out. If you are really trying to save money grab some frozen pizza and have your friends come over.

Don’t Shop

Only go to the store to buy things you need, don’t get sucked into going to the mall on the weekends because you will probably end up spending a good chunk of money on stuff you don’t need. Find a hobby that is less expensive.

Saving money and finding ways to make cash in college is a up hill battle, but remember to remind yourself that being broke is only temporary and you are doing this so you can focus on school and come out ready for a job. I hope this helps!


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