Monthly Clutter Free Checklist

Minimalism is a ongoing process. I don’t think there is a really a point where you can say “Ok, I have accomplished minimalism, now on to the next thing.” It doesn’t really work like that. It is something you must work at and develop good habits to continue living clutter free. So what I have done for you guys is create a checklist that you can follow every month to really make sure you are still on track for your minimalist journey. This list is just to help you each month clear out some things you may have bought and keep yourself motivated to keep minimizing your life. There is a PDF attached you can download if you would like, and I really hope you guys find this useful!

Monthly Clutter Free Checklist


-Donate or sell any clothes you haven’t wore in the last month.

-Are there any clothes you have bought this month that don’t match who you are?


-What electronics have you bought this month and do they bring you joy?

Digital Life

-Clean up your desktop,make sure everything is organized into folders.

-Get rid apps you don’t use.

-Delete old text message you don’t need.

-Go through your email and unsubscribe from advertisements. Try to keep your email clear.

Beauty Products

-Get rid of things you have doubles of. (Two leave in conditioners, two heat protectors, etc.)
-Decide on some staple products and donate the rest.


-Get rid of receipts

-Take out anything that you don’t use on a daily basis.

-Use side pockets of your bags to make things easier to find.


-Get rid of extra dishes and utensils

-Clean out the fridge and freezer. Get rid of old food and food that won’t get eaten.

-Clear off your counter tops


-Get rid of stuff that you have multiples of.

-Create a good habit of one thing in- one thing out

-Make sure everything in your home brings you joy or is necessary

Here is the PDF: monthly-clutter-free-checklist


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