Some Ways to Stay Inspired on the minimalist journey 

Like I have said before in some of my previous blog posts minimalism is a ongoing process. It is constantly being aware of the objects, relationships, information, etc. that you let into your life. At times you may lose motivation and start accumulating things so I have created a mini list of some resources I have found that can help keep you motivated.


The Minimalist Women’s Guide to Having It All by Meg Wolfe

This book offers some really good tips on de-cluttering and taking back control of your living space.

Simple-Live Life Minimal by J.D Yoder

I love this book it talks about not just physical objects but also about the benefits that minimalism has on all aspects of your life. This book really covers it all and it’s a very quick read.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

This book does a really good job in explaining that objects and consumerism does not buy happiness. This man has done a ton of research on happiness and what makes people happy and the benefits.


I recently just watched the documentary The Minimalist. I don’t know what took me so long but it was very inspirational. There are some great interviews with people who have adopted the minimalist lifestyle and there are many things covered from de-cluttering to meditation. Its a very well rounded informational documentary and is great for getting some inspiration.


Zen Habits

This blog is not only good for minimalism but also for everything that comes after. Such as what do I do with all my time? How do I find my passion?


The same guys who created the documentary I mentioned also have a blog that has tons of information about minimalism and also about how they discovered minimalism.

I hope you guys find these resources useful when looking for some more information about minimalism. It is great to keep yourself inspired and remember why you are on this journey of minimalism.




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